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Tips to Help You Perform Fall Vehicle Maintenance at Home

While there isn’t a wrong time to perform maintenance on your vehicle, fall can be the perfect time for the task as a way to prepare your engine for winter ahead. The challenge faced by the majority of motorists is that, while they would love nothing more than save on mechanic bills and provide their […]

Night at The Museum, Mercedes-Style!

Man, those Germans have all the luck, don’t they? Not only is their beer thicker, their sausages plumper, but even their museums are more inviting and accommodating. Sometimes it really hurts to be American. The gunter-lads and gunter-lasses in charge of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart Germany are so accommodating that they recently opened the […]

Taking Care of the Old Lady: Loving Your Aging Car

More and more of us are driving older and older cars. Nowadays, the average passenger vehicle is 11 years old, up from nine years of age at the turn of the millennium. This comes as no surprise – after all, 6-year auto loans have become almost the norm in and of themselves, and everybody wants […]

Farewell Mazda CX-7

Changing its product line to meet the demands of today, Mazda has decided to shut down the production of its Mazda CX-7 midsize SUV in order to replace it with the smaller 2013 CX-5. This is to be the last model year for the CX-7. The move comes five years after the CX-7 rolled onto […]

Down Payment – Do I Need One?

Though not every applicant will need a down payment to get a car loan, the truth is that if you have a poor credit history you will most likely need to have a down payment in the form of cash or actual trade equity. Down payments are necessary for auto loans of 72 months and […]